Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Slice of Happiness

I am all about being happy!!! I love to smile! I love to laugh! Although I will admit, half the time I'm  laughing is because I think I am soooo funny! HAHA!! Smiling, laughing and finding the bright side in everything is the way to live. ALL the time!

There are very few things AND people that bring me "true" happiness. Let me be more specific!!!!

Singing in my car brings me smiles. Making jokes at work makes me laugh. Watching the garbage guy miss my trash can is absolutely hilarious. Peeking out the window and seeing the mail man come to the mail box, knowing I haven't checked it in three weeks, and seeing the frustration on their face makes me smile...and possibly evil! But hey, I pay all my bills by the internet, so who needs paper mail anyways?! DON'T JUDGE! I smile when I see the ladies dog down the street crap on my "oh so nice" neighbors grass. In my head I know she deserves it, and my face shows it with a BIG OL' SMILE. Just keeping it real peeps!!! But this entry isn't about that superficial happiness, its about the things that make your heart go..."BOOM!"

True happiness is watching your kids succeed at something they have struggled at. True happiness is sitting still while the whole world goes round. It's holding a new born baby, it's seeing a rainbow, it's feeling content even though life is crazy. It's listening to your favorite song and having memories flood back. It's remembering special moments with special people. It's dancing in the rain and kissing. Happiness is when your heart skips a beat, your mind feels at ease and your whole world freezes...AND at that very moment you can not imagine yourself anywhere else but where you are. Holding the person you love is complete happiness. Easing some one's pain is considered true happiness.When you see someone smile, because of YOU, is true happiness.

My dear friends, when you find those specific things that make your heart go "boom," do me the favor and never ever let them go. Hang on to those moments, memories, or people. Don't let go of what makes your heart content. Even if you question it!!!! If you feel it, then live it. BE YOU! Always be true!! Happiness is hard to find and harder to hang onto......DON'T EVER LET IT GO. No matter what the cost. No matter what it takes. Those moments are priceless...