Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ahhhhhhh snap!!! What a crazy, emotional, weird, sucky week this was. I'm serious when I say be careful what you wish for, (or say) cause most likely it's gonna happen and when it does you better have your big girl panties on and your boxing gloves up.

We discussed my motto for 2015 in my last entry. We also discussed keep'n it real and true no matter what. And I mean, NO MATTER WHAT!! Well,  I'll be damned if I wasn't tested this whole week. I swear from the moment I clicked submit on my last write, shit started to hit the fan. I won't go into details, it's not worth re-thinking about all of that, but the hurtles I had to jump this week were insane. I am  used to ones that don't take much effort on my part. It comes easy for me to run and jump. Clearing it all and moving forward. Not this week. For some reason these hurtles were much larger. Maybe they only appeared larger because of my new motto and attitude. You can't preach something then act a different way. So, I had to stick to my guns. I had to keep it real in more ways then one. Maybe sugar coating it, is easier and less "in your face" but being completely honest and real with yourself and others is serious business. No matter how the other person reacts or how the situation turns out, as long as you are YOU that's all that matters. As much as I would love to control others and their attitudes, its obviously impossible! Next best thing is to control your attitude.It's tough. And sometimes sucks! As sure as I am of myself when specific things happen I become shaken in my own skin. How is that possible? I know ME. I know what I am capable of. I know that I can carry the world on my shoulders, so why was this week so different? Damn my new motto and my new attitude. I say all of this with a huge smile on my face because I know this is just the beginning to what is going to be an awesome year.

Continue to be YOU! Be TRUE! And sugar coat NOTHING!

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