Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 You ever expect some one to act or say a certain thing, and when they don't, your thinking, "What the hell man?" I do it all the time. I expect random people AND my very own friends to act how I want them....well guess what?? Jokes on me.


I think one of the hugest problems we run into is "expectations!" Now, don't get me wrong, when it comes to certain people or certain situations, expectations are a necessity. Let me write it AGAIN!!! When it comes to certain people, you can have certain expectations. Let me give you an example so you can catch your breath!!! You expect your children to listen the first time they are told. You expect the garbage man to come every week to pick up your trash! You expect your parents to be there when you need them. You expect your dog to crap in your backyard, or in some cases, you expect the neighbors dog to shit on your lawn. Whatever!! We expect our best friend to bail us out of jail, although I don't plan on going anytime soon. These are all expectations that don't need to be said out loud. Many times we put expectations on certain people, expecting them to act a certain way. We expect them to say what we think they should say. When they don't, our blood boils. We feel let down! Pissed! Annoyed! We almost feel hurt!!! In our own minds, we know what WE would say. We know how WE would act. But just because we feel that way, doesn't mean they do. All too often we set ourselves up to be let down. We think we know what people should say or how they should act, but guess what?!?! We don't have the right to get mad when someone doesn't respond how we want them to. We don't have the right to get annoyed when someone doesn't "act" how we think they should or expect them too. Especially if they are our friends.  We need to accept them for who they are. How they feel. What they say and how they act. STOP trying to "expect" this or that, and just let them be....THEM. Including our significant others. Which sometimes sucks! I know that when I expect my husband to say or do something and he doesn't..... I want to snap his neck!! ( Kidding....sorta)

I have been hurt so many times by expecting this or that from certain people, and when they didn't come through or do what I thought they should, it through  my emotions into a whirl wind and I lost it. When I stand back, I actually giggle, because I do it to myself!!  EVERY time. It's my own damn fault. The minute I stopped "expecting," is the minute I enjoyed people for who they were, regardless if they didn't do what I thought they should. To be completely honest, I still get frustrated at times and I catch myself being ridiculous!!!!!

You can agree or disagree, but really take a moment to step back and think. How many times did you expect something from someone and it didn't go the way you saw it going and it frustrated you?!?! Is it really their fault that you held them SO high?? You expected a certain reaction from them and they didn't do what you wanted. Is that really THEIR fault?? Reality check......Its not all about YOU!!!! And trust me, its not all about THEM!!!! But....


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