Monday, January 5, 2015

Choose Wisely

Its been ages since I have written anything. I do in fact, love to write, but finding the time to do so is crazy impossible. I decided its a new year, and I want to write on a regular basis. I seem to always say that exact thing but this time I am really going to TRY.

Before I even start, let me throw this out there. If you cant handle a bit of dirt and grime, or if the cold honest truth makes you quiver please don't read any further. I am all about honesty, and I am all about telling things exactly how they are. I dont want to be judged by what I write. You may agree or disagree and thats ok. My spelling may be off, and I may even type a bad word here or there, so if you cant handle the above, you may reconsider reading this blog. That was my disclaimer, and if your still with me, then lets continue.

I decided my new motto for 2015 is "You get, what you give." I am not sugar coating anything for anyone. And I know, you probably think I am an awful person, but now a days people tend to candy coat shit to make it more "real." People tend to expect the world from you, but wont throw you a bone if you were starving. Well guess what, you scratch my back and I will for sure scratch yours. You throw me off the ledge, you better believe your going down with me. I love people. I love my friends. I love my family. But sometimes you just need to take a few steps back and make sure your living your life for YOU and not a single other person. In fact, I would do anything for my friends. I have very few of them, but the ones I do have I hold close to my heart.

I enjoyed 2014 big time. My family was blessed in so many different ways. I learned more about myself then I ever have. I have done things I would never tell a soul, well maybe one soul but thats it! I have made friends and lost friends. Those who chose to leave, I held the door wide open for. See, I am a nice person. Sometimes we think we cant possibly learn anything else about ourselves, and then boom! We do. A situation arises that puts us to the test and what ever choice we make will define who we are,and who we are becoming. I hope I never fully reach my potential. I hope I continue to grow and learn about myself every day. I love who I am becoming. My foundation is pretty much set in stone, but the bricks I lay from here on out will be bricks only I set down.

I will say it feels good to be back!!! If you have survived this first post, then maybe, just maybe you will be back for some more good ol'  Tastie Truth. Remember, around these parts, I keep things real. Hold on tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

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